Monday, March 18, 2013

Why You Should Try Juicing Today

juice extractor, fruits and vegetablesConsuming vegetables and fruits is a must to keep your body healthy and performing at its top efficiency. But for many of us, we simply don't have time, or maybe the desire, to eat as many vegetables as we really should. Many of us might not even like eating vegetables for a wide variety of reasons. The great thing is there is a solution that is easy and nearly effortless. It's my favorite new health habit, juicing! 

Before you make up a ton of excuses and shake your head that your are never going to try juicing, let me point out the facts why juicing is the best way to nourish your body with vegetables and fruits when you don't have the time to prepare them or you simply don't like vegetables. 

Fact one: Juicing is quick. Normally you can produce an 8 oz glass of juice in under 30 minutes. Most juicing recipes only have a few ingredients so it takes far less than 30 minutes to prepare a simple, healthy juice.

Fact two: The juices taste amazing.  Many people dislike green vegetables, but these are the vegetables that are most nutritious and are the best for your body. Juicing greens removes the "bad" flavor that is associated with eating greens, mainly because the other ingredients overpower the flavor of the green vegetables. You still get all of the nutrition but without having to eat a whole bowl of greens. 

Fact three: It's reasonably affordable. Who can put a price on health? Buying vegetables and fruits is easier then ever before.  There are many organic options and markets in your area with fresh fruit and vegetables. You might even have an option to have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door.  You don't have to sacrifice your hard earned money for nutrition and can instead save both. 

Fact four: It's the perfect meal for busy people. Instead of eating a bunch of carbohydrates and sugar in the morning, you can simply make a freshly made juice and drink it on the go.  You will have more energy, think clearer and feel better.

Fact five: It's healthier than drinking coffee and pop. Imagine what would happen if you replace a cup of coffee or pop with a glass of freshly made juice. You will still get energy to "wake up" from the great vitamins and minerals without the caffeine. Plus unlike coffee or pop, there is no added refined sugar, just healthy vegetables and fruit. 

Fact six: Juicing gives you a jolt of nutrition, fast! If you want to start eating and feeling healthier, but you don't think you will have the time, it's much easier to use a juice machine than it is to prepare the amount of vegetables you should eat everyday.

Fact seven:  Get the whole family involved and don't call it a diet, call it healthy eating. Even families with children can add juicing to their diets without issues. If your children won't eat their vegetables, adding a vegetable and fruit enriched juice with their next meal will solve the issue soon enough and they're going to be begging for more.

As you can see, there are many reasons for juicing. It's easy to see that adding juicing to your lifestyle does not involve a lot of work, but provides you with a new healthy lifestyle without the hard work of changing everything you do. Start out by replacing a few meals a week with a fresh juice, you'll be happy you did because you will feel better, be healthier and most importantly it can be a lot of fun!

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