Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wheatgrass juicers - The Benefits of Juicing Wheatgrass

Wheat Grass
If you are into juicing and haven't tried wheatgrass you should think about it.  Wheatgrass is a wonderful, healthy plant that contains a lot of magnesium along with a host of vitamins and minerals. Wheatgrass is rated as one of the best things to juice and consume.

Wheatgrass, though it looks similar to the lawn you may have around your home is actually a type of wheat in the early stages of growth. The best time to harvest wheatgrass is around a week after it has sprouted to ensure the vitamins and minerals are at their height.

You can grow your own wheatgrass or it is readily available at most supermarkets and produce markets.

Wheat grass is also referred to as the plasma of youth and many people view wheatgrass as having great rejuvenation powers.  It can't be denied that the plant is loaded with nutrients and thereby extremely beneficial to your health. Drinking wheatgrass on a regular basis can do nothing but good for the body.

Wheatgrass has many beneficial effects on the body including higher levels of oxygen absorption, cleansing of the lymph system and just levels the body in a much better state. It is also claimed that it can help remove toxins in the cells, liver and kidneys.  This amazing plant has many nourishing and restorative benefits.

Many juicers available on the market are able to juice wheatgrass. To get the most juice out of wheatgrass you will want to use a masticating juicer or a juicer specifically designed for wheatgrass juicing, you can find reviews here (  A centrifugal juicer does well with fruits and some vegetables, but does not juice wheatgrass or leafy greens well, so stick with a masticating juicer if you plan on juicing wheatgrass.

Growing and juicing wheatgrass can be a very satisfying experience and it's great for your body too!

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